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We are representing those injured by IEDs and their families.

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Our Case

The John Arthur Eaves Law Firm and our partners, the Wheeler & Franks Law Firm, are representing wounded service men and women injured or killed from IED Blasts that occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan, after discovering conclusive proof that Iran was manufacturing EFPs (IEDs) and teaching terrorists to make IEDs.


"We believe that Iran and all supporters of terrorism must be held accountable for the devastation they have caused" and "we are willing to follow them through the maze of financial dealings to take money out of the hands of terrorists, and provide for the families who have given so much" said John Arthur Eaves Jr.

Our Team

John Arthur Eaves Sr.

Attorney, Founder, Veteran

John Arthur Eaves Jr.


Kelly L. Mims

Attorney/Military Consultant

William Wheeler


James Franks


We have a long history of representing US Servicemen and women. Eaves Law Firm went after companies who supported Saddam Hussein in the first gulf war that gave soldiers the Gulf War Syndrome. The evidence gathered from the case allowed many of those soldiers to get benefits that they would not have gotten otherwise.

About Us


In 2003, we began representing victims of terrorism and have won over $9 billion in judgments against Iran and Sudan and others.

In the same way that the firm and its partners have helped recover millions of dollars for terror victims, we believe that we can help veterans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. We want to continue to fight to save future soldiers by taking away money from Iran and other supporters of terrorism and giving it to the families that deserve it the most. "Like all Americans, we should use our talents to fight for those who fight for us."